Environment and Social Capital Group

The Environment and Social Capital sub group undertakes detailed challenge and scrutiny of United Utilities.

This includes the following areas: 

  • UU’s environmental proposals, outcomes and performance
  • Together with the Customer Research and Engagement sub group, review the quality and extent of customer and stakeholder engagement and reporting, also the extent to which this insight work is reflected in the Business Plan 
  • Optimising the value of natural and social capital 
  • Receiving and reviewing UU’s environmental performance and Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODI) 
  • Scrutinising the Better Rivers: Better North West plan 
  • Reviewing the company’s long term service, environmental and climate change plans 

Environment group board members

Members for this group are listed below. For biographies, please see membership in the About Us section.

  • Dr Tayo Adeboale CHAIR (Independent Member)
  • Bernice Law (YV Chair)
  • Stuart Dunne (Youth Focus NW)
  • Elizabeth Radford (Eden River Trust)
  • Adam Briggs (NFU)
  • Keith Ashcroft (EA)
  • Claire Bunter (EA)
  • Mark Atherton (GMCA)
  • Alistair Maltby (Woodland Trust)