Forward plans

Forward plans for the Stakeholder sub group can be reviewed here 

Future plans

Item19 October 202210 February 202324 April 202322 June 2023
Consultation feedback & planning
Local Government engagement: roadshow feedback top issuesX
Scene setting & UU stakeholder heatmapX
TOR & Stakeholder roleX
Stakeholder Relations Manager: roleX
CCW OFWAT expectations
Who are the largest users of waterX
UU stakeholder engagement planX
Agenda: Forward PlanXXXX
Emerging issues for engagement & commentX
National social tariff updateXX
PR24: stakeholder impact & trade offsX
What does good look like – learning from othersXX
Supplying water to retailersX
Water transferX
Consultation plans: key timelinesX
Performance reports and comparability with other water companiesXXX