Forward Plans

Forward plans for the YourVoice Panel can be reviewed here

NumberTopicAppropriate Group
1Water efficiencies – initiativesA&V Panel
2ODI Performance quarterly reportsAll Groups
32025-2030 Business Plan briefingAll sub groups
4Priority register updateA&V Panel
5Customer research updateCESG
6Your Water Your Say – consultation feedbackCESG
7Bioresources Enhanced screening researchCESG
8OFWAT Vulnerability consultation: UU responseChair’s group
9UU’s plans to reduce water consumptionChair’s group
10UU’s plans to reduce lead pipes across the regionE&SCG
11Accelerated WINEP updateChair’s group
12Grey to Blue/Green investment solutionsE&SCG
13Water transfer updateE&SCG
14Climate change adaptations updateE&SCG
15Open data: data sharing proposalsChair’s group
16Better Rivers: Better North WestE&SCG
17Design Principles: Monitoring community benefitsE&SCG
18Environmental Performance assessment 2023-2024 (E.A)E&SCG
192025-2030 Business Plan: environmental impactE&SCG
20Deep dive: pollution updateE&SCG
21Deep dive: leakageE&SCG
22Rainwater: from liability to assetE&SCG
23Five County plansChair’s group
24Bespoke ODIs: detailed delivery plansChair’s group